Helping a family in need

June 2, 2011

Dear Fans and Friends of apparatus.  


Apparatus has decided to donate %50 of all proceeds of Digital albums and Cd’s and Shirts, Ringtones and such to a family in need. This %50 donation will last for two months starting today.


We are grieved right now in this time of loss. 
A great Bass player and a wonderful man just got news of his daughter’s passing in a terrible accident. 
She was 15 years old and had a whole life time a head of her with her family. And was taken so quickly and sent a shock throughout this family, and friends, and this valley.


There were other siblings in the car as well that are in the hospital as we speak. 
There is a fund raiser getting ready to launch, to help raise money for the service and medical bills. 
Apparatus would like to get an early start on this. So please, tell everyone you know. $4.99 a digital album download of 11 tracks can help this family! 

Here is a link of the news report.

Thanks for the Support. 


First Month!

May 23, 2011
Apparatus has officially been launched for 1 month now! 
and people all around the globe are starting to really enjoy the sound! 
I am completely, shocked and flattered at all the great comments and reviews, and attention the music has been getting! 
I just want to thank you all so far that has been supporting the efforts! and Look forward to working on more music soon! 

The album was released May 1st and is doing quite well! 
I also decided to drop the price, as I know the Economy is pretty bad, ...

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Street Teams

April 28, 2011
Okay.. so the Debut album is going to drop real soon! 
here is your chance to get a free digital download of the album! 
There is a catch... you have to sign up for the street team here

then you have to check out the missions, and do them. 
we can keep track of who is doing what, and if you are doing the missions, 
and succeeding you will get free stuff from Apparatus! 

so sign up today! 
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Welcome world

April 21, 2011
Hello all.. stay tuned for some neat things
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